Argentine Tango teacher and dancer

The argentine Tango appears in Pablo's life when he was a child. As his grandparents were tango dancers he got in contact with it very early.

When he was 5 years old, his family used to give parties where the guests loved dancing tango, vals and milonga. As everybody was having such a good time dancing, Pablo felt curious about dancing too. That's why he asked his grandfather to teach him dancing tango.
His grandfather started imparting the tango lessons to Pablo, and without knowing... Pablo learnt first the woman's role. Later, his grandfather explained that to be able to lead a movement for a woman it was essential to know exactly her role. That's why Pablo learnt first the woman's role and later... the man's role.

Over the years, the tango was getting more and more into his life. At the age of 20 he went to study Argentine tango and Argentine Folk in the "Escuela Municipal de Danzas Jose Neglia de Morón" with the teachers Juan Carlos Esposito y Stella Maris Rivero Afterwards he took lessons with different milongueros, such us: Rodolfo y Maria Cieri and the great dancer Pepito Avellaneda. Pablo was Pepito's assistant for some years, and later, when Pepito died, he assisted Suzuky Avellaneda in her lessons. In this moment, he filmed with her the famous video "30 advanced steps to dance milonga" that can be bought by internet nowadays.

Besides this, he studied the carrier: Professor of Physical Education. He also developed his studies of visitador medico in the "Asociacion de Agentes de Propaganda Medica". Immediately, he capitalized and applied all this knowledge and skills in the tango teaching. Later he took modern jazz lessons with Rodolfo Olguin and, he took Pilates lessons with Sabrina Villalba.

Professional experience in Argentina: He was assistant of the well known milonga teacher Pepito Avellaneda, participating in the video “30 advanced milonga steps”.

Invited dancer in many shows and private events and performances in the most important scenes and tango salons of Buenos Aires such as: “Confitería Ideal”, “El Viejo Correo”, “Re Fa Si”, “Porteño y Bailarín”, “C.C. Torquato Tasso”, “El Morocco”, “ Salón Canning”, “Dandi”, “La Nacional”, "Club Grisel", etc.

He worked with different orchestras and singers, for instance: Abel Cordoba, Roberto Echagüe, Alberto Podestá, Argentino Ledesma, Nestor Rolan, Jorge Valdez, Orchestra of Dragone, Orchestra Color Tango director: Amilcar Tolosa, Los reyes del tango, Sexteto Sur, Sexteto milonguero, Otros Aires, Los solistas de D’arienzo, Narcotango, Color Tango director: Roberto Alvarez.

La Ventana de Buenos Aires” in Brazil 1992, “V Encuentro Iberoamericano de la Cultura” in Nicaragua,1993 “Campeonato Mundial de Corte y Peinado” in Bulgaria 1993, “Burlingame al Strings of Art Performance Center” in San Francisco (EEUU) 1994, and he performed in the show in the german cruiser “Astor” 1995.

Tango Teacher in Argentina

He gave tango lessons in different places like: Salón "Agusteo”, Salón "La Nueva Argentina”, Salon "El Morocco”, “Viejo Correo”, “Club Almagro” ,"Club Gisel", Salon “Dandi” and in the “C.C. Torquato Tasso”, “Confitería Ideal” and Escuela Argentina del Tango.

Usually he gives special milonga workshops in “Porteño y Bailarín” and in “Niño Bien” and special courses for groups of tourists from all over the world.

Since many years he has been giving private lessons for both tourists and argentine students of all levels . The lessons are english and spanish spoken.