My story

Festivals and Tours abroad


*From May 6th to June 29th:  EUROPE
Giving classes in: Londres, Reading, Derby, Nottingham, Sheperbush, Rugby, Counterbury (England). Lausanne, Geneva (Switzerland). Trieste, Conversano (Italy).   

*From 1st till 6th of May: CANADA
Giving lessons in Vancouver

*From 19th till 30th April: USA
Seattle (Washington)


*From November 1 to November 8 : CANADA
Vantango Festival, Vancouver.

*From November 8 to November 18: USA
giving lessons in Seattle (Washington)

* From April 24 to July 7:  EUROPE
Giving classes in: Londres, Derby, Nottingham (England). Frankfurt. Weimar (Germany). Trieste, Conversano (Italy).   


*From January 17 to February 7: NORTH AMERICA
Giving classes and shows in UNITED STATES  : Seattle (Washington), San Francisco, San Jose (California).


* From April 8 to June 26:  EUROPE
Teaching in: London, Canterbury, Kent, Hastings, Bury, Margate, Nottingham, Derby, Reading (England). Frankfurt (Germany). Padova (Italy). Trieste (Italy). Lausanne (Switzerland), Ibiza (Spain).  

*From January 20 to March 27:  NORTH AMERICA
Giving classes and shows in the US: Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego (California). Las Vegas (Nevada) Portland (Oregon). (California).
Las Vegas (Nevada) Portland (Oregon).


*From March 24 to June 28:  EUROPE
Teaching in: London, Canterbury, Kent, Hastings, Bury, Derby, Reading (England). Frankfurt (Germany). Padova (Italy). Trieste (Italy). Athens, Greece)

* From February 1 to March 7:  NORTE AMÉRICA
Giving classes and shows in the US: Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Diego (California).
Las Vegas (Nevada).

*From March 7 to March 23:  CANADA
Teaching in: Nanaimo, Croifton, Victoria.


* From April 02 to June 26: EUROPE
Giving classes in: Londres, Canterbury, Kent, Hastings, Norwich, Fleet, Bournemouth, Bury, Derby,Reading (England). Frankfurt (Germany). Lausanne (Switzerland). Trieste (Italy), Valencia (Spain).

* From February 8 to March 16: NORTH AMERICA

Giving classes i​n: San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Sacramento.


*From March 12 to June 24:  EUROPE
Giving classes i​n: Londres, Canterbury, Kent, Hastings, Norwich, Fleet, Liverpool, Bury,Derby, Doncaster, Reading (England). Frankfurt (Germany). Lausanne (Switzerland). Trieste(Italy).  

*From March 13 to March 30:  UNITED STATES
Giving classes in: Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Santa Bárbara, San Francisco (California)


* From May 26 to 9 July:  EUROPE
Giving classes i​n: Londres, Nottingham, Canterbury, Kent, Hastings, Norwich, Sussex,Fleet,Doncaster, Reading (England). Frankfurt (Germany).

* From March 26 to April 10  SOUTH AMERICA, BRAZIL 


*From 14 to 25 July:  NORTH AMERICA

Connecticut Tango Festival (United States)

 *From 28 Aprile to July: EUROPE
Giving classes and shows in: Heidelberg (Germany) Frankfurt - (Germany) - Saarbrucken- (Germany) - Lausanne (Switzerland) - Londres (England) - Nottingham (England) - Reading (England) - Canterbury (England) - Hastings (England) - Paris (France) 

Chesire Tango Festival  (England).

Penoiscola Tango Festival (Spain).


* From April 23 to July 9:  EUROPE

Teaching and giving shows in: Heidelberd (Germany) Franckfurt – (Germany) – Barletta (Italy) –  Londres  (England) – Bournemouth (England) – Windsor (England) – Canterbury (England) – Fleet  (England) – Hasttings (England) – Paris (France)

 *Festival Internacional de Tango en  Ardingly  (England).


* From April 9 to July 19:  EUROPE and ASIA
Giving classes and shows​ in: Cherbourg - Paris - Reims - Montpellier - Avignon - Fréjus -(France) - Tango Weekend in Calabria (Italy) - Londres (England).

*Festival Internacional de Tango en  Ardingly  (England).

*  Abu Dhabi, Dubai (EMIRATOS ARABES)


* From September 30 to October 5: BRAZIL  
*Buzios Tango Weekend (Buzios)

* From April 14 to July 15:  EUROPE and ASIA
Giving classes and shows in: Frankfurt (Germany) - Capo Vaticano - Bari - Altamura - Leche - Barletta - Molfetta - (Italy) Warsaw (Poland) - Londres (England). Warsaw (Poland) – Londres (England).

*International Tango Festival in Balam,London (England).

*International Tango Festival in Padova (Italy).

*International Tango Festival in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).


* From October 4 to November 10:  OCEANIA 
Giving classes and shows in: Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth - AUSTRALIA 

 From April 28 to July 15: EUROPE
Giving classes and shows in: Frankfurt (Germany) - Bari (Italy) - Valencia (Spain) -Torino (Italy) Calabria (Italy) Londres - (England) - Bournemouth (England) - Windsor (England) - Canterbury (England) - Northern cities (England) - Malaga (Spain)


 *From October 20 to December 1: OCEANIA  OCEANIA 
Giving classes and shows​ in: Brisbane and Melbourne - AUSTRALIA 

 Del 22  al 30 de Junio: EUROPE
Teaching and giving shows in: Helsinki (Finland) – Trani (Italy) – Berna (Switzerland) -Maiheinmena (Germany) – Torino (Italy) – Bounemouth (England) – London Tango Festival-(England) – Leeds, Sheffield, Oulton  y Windsor (England) – Bristol (England).


*From October 28 to November 13: BRAZIL  
Giving classes and shows​ in Rio de Janeiro and Buzios.

* From May 1 to October 2: OCEANIA
Classes and shows in different cities: Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne - AUSTRALIA

* From May 11 to June 24: EUROPE
Teaching and giving shows in:  Peniscola (Spain) –Schewerin (Germany) Frankfurt (Germany) –Londres (England) Canterbury (England) Atenas – (Greece) – Bari (Italy).

* From April 14 to April 30: VENEZUELA - SOUTH AMERICA


* From October 14 to December 13SOUTH AMERICA Y EUROPE 
Giving classes and shows​ in: Rio de Janeiro - Fortaleza (Brazil) - Frankfurt (Germany)-Hasselt-Liege (Belgium), Atenas - Patras (Greece) - Estocolmo (Sweden) - Berne(Switzerland).

* From July 6 to July 17: CANADA
Teacher and dancer of Montreal International Tango Festival performing live shows with the guest orchestra: Beba Pugliese.

* From May 22 to July 5: EUROPE 
Giving classes and shows​ in: Frankfurt, Berlin (Germany), Londres (England), Atenas(Greece), Berna (Switzerland), Belgium.

* From March 18 to May 4:  OCEANIA
giving classes and shows in different cities including: Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne - AUSTRALIA


*Del 19 de Octubre al 12 de Diciembre:   BRAZIL, EUROPE Y CANADA
Classes and shows in: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - Frankfurt and Berlin (Germany) Athens and Patras (Greece) Bari and Genova (Italy) London, Leeds, Newcastle, Harrogate and Sheffield (England). Teachers at the “Tango by the Sea” Festival Victoria- (Canada)  

* From May 3 to June 13: EUROPE
Giving classes and shows in different cities, including: Frankfurt (Germany) - Stockholm (Sweden) - Heidelberg (Germany) - Leeds, Sheffield, Harrogate, York and London (England), Athens (Greece).  


From October 26 to December 7: EUROPE
Giving classes and shows in different cities, including: Heidelberg, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt (Germany) - Stockholm (Sweden) - Bern (Switzerland)

* From August 23 to 28: FRANCE
Teacher and dancer of 8th International Festival of Argentine Tango of Tarbes  also performing live shows with the orchestra "Silence".

* From July 9 to 20: CANADA
Teacher and dancer of Montreal International Tango Festival also performing live shows with the invited orchestras: Color Tango by Roberto Álvarez and Narcotango by Carlos Libedinsky.

* Tour of Europe- April / May: EUROPE
Giving classes and shows​ in: Frankfurt, Berlín, Ludwigsburg, (Germany) -Torino, Milano(Italy).


*Shows en el Crucero Alemán ¨Astor¨.


Giving workshops and doing shows in 
Burlingame to the Strings of Art Performans Center¨ in San Francisco


Giving ​Shows at the World Championship of Cutting and Hairstyle in Sofia


Giving Shows at the V Ibero-American culture meeting in Managua, Matagalpa, Granada, etc.


Show en ¨Caminito¨Porto Alegre, representando el show de la casa de tango : ¨la Ventana de Buenos Aires¨.  


*​He trained and perfected innumerable dancers and teachers who today disseminate and promote Argentine tango through different parts of the world.

*From 1995 Giving classes in the "Confiteria Ideal"
*Hi have developed a revolutionary teaching technique known as: "Commonsense Appliedto Body Biomechanics"- that is the culmination of thirty years' exposure to tango andphysical training. 
* In this last years he performed in: Parakultural (Salón Canning), Niño Bien, La Nacional,Porteño y Bailarín, Confitería Ideal, El Cachafaz, Italy Unita, and others.

* Organizer and coordinator of the international event in the Sans Souci Palace (Victoria- Buenos Aires province) coordinating 20 couples of professional dancers.  
* He was jury in the final competition in Cordoba province, where he chose the championcouple in two categories "tango salon" and "tango escenario". These couples willrepresent this important argentine province in the "III Campeonato Mundial de Tango"
* He did many shows for the "III Campeonato Metropolitano de Tango Salon"
* He made, produced and coordinated 6 instructional DVDs that can be bought by internet: "Tango" - "Vals" - "Milonga" - "Steps for the dance floor"(Double DVD) -"Tango nuevo"(Double DVD) - Fundamentals  

Professional experience in Argentina:

*He was assistant of the well known milonga teacher Pepito Avellaneda, participating in the video “30 advanced milonga steps”.
*He won the championship organized by "Casa Blanca" of Buenos Aires, being selected among more than 100 dance couples, year 1994.
*He won the championship organized by Bs.As.government "Hugo del Carril" 1992.
*The sculptor, Javier Castellani, took his figure as an example and inspiration to make the monument to tango that is located in the “corner of tango” at 143 and av. 3 in the city of Villa Gesell.Bs.As. 
Invited dancer in many shows and private events and performances in the most important scenes and tango salons of Buenos Aires such as: “Confitería Ideal”, “El Viejo Correo”, “Re Fa Si”, “Porteño y Bailarín”, “C.C. Torquato Tasso”, “El Morocco”, “ Salón Canning”, “Dandi”, “La Nacional”, "Club Grisel",etc.
*He worked in different restaurants and Tango houses and was part of various shows that traveled throughout the interior and exterior of the country
*He worked with different orchestras and singers, for instance: Abel Cordoba, Roberto Echagüe, Alberto Podestá, Argentino Ledesma, Nestor Rolan, Jorge Valdez, Orchestra of Dragone, Orchestra Color Tango director: Amilcar Tolosa, Los reyes del tango, Sexteto Sur, Sexteto milonguero, Otros Aires, Los solistas de D’arienzo, Narcotango, Color Tango director: Roberto Alvarez.
*Bailarín : “La Ventana de Buenos Aires” en Brasil 1992, 
*”V Encuentro Iberoamericano de la Cultura” en Nicaragua 1993, 
*”Burlingame al Strings of Art Performance Center” en San Francisco (EEUU) 1994 
*Hi was part of the show in the German cruise "Astor" 1995

Tango Teacher in Argentina
He gave tango lessons in different places like: Salón "Agusteo”, Salón "La Nueva Argentina”, Salon "El Morocco”, “Viejo Correo”, “Club Almagro” ,"Club Gisel", Salon “Dandi” and in the “C.C. Torquato Tasso”, “Confitería Ideal” and Escuela Argentina del Tango.

Usually he gives special milonga workshops in “Porteño y Bailarín” and in “Niño Bien” and special courses for groups of tourists from all over the world.

Since many years he has been giving private lessons for both tourists and argentine students of all levels . The lessons are english and spanish spoken.